The World’s easiest locating device in a sleek and classy avatar!

The Yepzon™ ONE

Multi-purpose portable and shockproof 2G GPS Tracker designed for locating pets, kids and valuables. Unbeatable battery life that can last for weeks!


Advanced 3G GPS Tracker  designed for the safety of women, children, travellers, hikers and active seniors. Equipped with SOS alarm button for added safety!

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Yepzon Advantages

  • Multi-purpose Device

    Use same device for family, pets, items or vehicles as you wish

  • Highly Customisable

    Choose your own mode and frequency of location update

  • Unbeatable Battery Life

    Long battery life – saves battery, activates itself on sensing motion. 

  • Awesome Design and Build Quality

    Sleek Scandinavian design. International quality.

Track anything, anywhere

Latest Reviews

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