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Tracking device vs Mobile Phone - Why Yepzon Always Wins the Battle for Safety

Tracking device vs Mobile Phone - Why Yepzon Always Wins the Battle for Safety

Scoop Whoop recently reported a shocking incident how a nine year old schoolboy from Haryana cut himself because his parents took away his phone. Upon further investigation it came to light how he was given the phone by his parents at a ripe age of four, acting as their substitutes whilst they were busy in their professions.

This is one of many similar incidents that go unreported in India. Mobile phones have been replaced by the quintessential doll house or action figures amongst the new age kids. This could be attributed to two reasons. Firstly, with  both parents working and a lack of time for their kids, mobile phones are used as a tool to keep their kids engaged while they are away. Secondly and most importantly mobile phones are given to children as a tool to be used during emergencies. 

But these gadgets are like a ticking time bomb on your children’s hands.Here are a few reasons how mobile phones are dangerous for your kids in more ways than you think.

  1. Threat of Phishing

How many Emails do you find in your inbox luring you into sharing your bank account or personal details for some irresistible physics defying offer. I am sure the answer is ‘Lost Count’. Children being naive do not understand the gravity of such situations and could easily share your credit card details to get the delusional offer Lurking cyber criminals  are always phishing  for one slip up in privacy and they pounce on it like a group of friends on the last slice of pizza. If privacy settings are not properly tend it could end up sweeping your bank account clean faster than a woman tidying a room.

2. Creativity dies:

A mobile phone can do much more than make a call. Music, movies, serials, games, TV, you just name it. It’s there on your phone. Children nowadays are so into their phones that they don’t make time for creative activities. Their idea of playing is now playing games on their phones.Spending time with their friends has been reduced to only messaging apps. Their notion of reading literature has been moulded into checking out memes on social media.

3. No accuracy or reliability:

People say a mobile phone is enough to keep in touch with your loved ones. But what is one supposed to do in an emergency when a second’s time is your realm of life and death? What is a person supposed to do if he is lost in an unknown place? Let alone informing someone the location, that person has better chances of being saved if he sits on the road and starts crying. Moreover, the most debatable question of using a mobile phone as a tool for safety is what if it gets switched off? The only way to protect yourself from an attacker with such a phone is by throwing it at his head and hoping it hits him hard. The answer to all the questions above is get a tracking device for safety before stepping out of your safe haven. Yepzon One is a tracking device for children that does not switch off unless you want it to.

4. Cyber Stalkers:

Childhood is a time where all we have to for attention is cry. For times like today, fame is achieved by publicising personal photographs. A child’s naive behavior can be exploited by many. People make use of other’s vulnerability. Misuse of pictures for lascivious or indignified acts have become a common phenomenon in the field of cyber crime. The worst part is that people even put their daily routine and present whereabouts online. Kidnappers don’t even to research the daily life of their victim. It’s all up in their profile. Publically updating your routine places is as good as tying up your own hands up and walking into a kidnapper’s van. In a tracking device, no picture has to be put up for tracking a person thus maintaining privacy. Plus, you have the choice who knows your exact whereabouts and who doesn’t.

5. Socially awkward:

No social gathering is complete without at least one child sitting aloof and using a mobile phone instead of socializing. Personally, we all can agree to have used phones as a distraction from our relatives. We laugh it off but this is actually turning us into anti-social loners. Sitting at a corner of the room and gaping at phones while loved ones sitting right in front of us isn’t only rude but also disrespectful to their interest. Plus, some people steer to web bullying through their phones by sitting on the other end of the screen. In reality, such people develop a fear of speaking their mind in public. A tracking device makes sure of your well-being as well as does not affect communication or social etiquettes.

You may ask what is the solution then? We do not have a definite solution but we can tell you a GPS device focuses on the what you want the most- safety! No personal detail or location has a chance of getting out as the device is paired with the phones of only those people the ‘tracked’ person trusts the most.