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Yepzon For Any Type Of School Kid

Yepzon For Any Type Of School Kid


School was a wonderful place- running in the corridor, the mouthwatering smell of tiffins and the fun of getting thrown out of class together. The samples of variety of kids you’ll get there are greater than the the books in the library. Though each one is beautifully weird in their own way, one thing is common for all- danger. They might be unaware that there are bigger troubles in life than a surprise test on a topic they know squat about but parents like you always have to be aware of their safety. Best friends are mostly with the kids in school. Know how Yepzon is their new best friend to keep them safe and sound .. Check out what type of kid you have and see why they need Yepzon for protection.


       1.  The Go-Getters:

 These type of school going kids are the fastest information providers after Google. They are the reasons why half of our childhood was spent listening to comparisons. With hundreds of tuitions in distant parts of the city, people assume that they’ll someday drown in books and notes. From 5 in the morning to 2 in the morning, they’re either studying or running to study. The other headstrong athletes toiling day and night to be the next Tendulkar, Ronaldo and Bolt. In all of this, Yepzon stands by them as a durable protector that works just as hard as them to ensure their safety. It’s durable battery is always on the go just like them. Be it 10 steps away or across the world, Yepzon will always be there to alert the people you love when you need them the most.

2. The Tech-Freak:

What kids can do with technology nowadays we couldn't before 20. Gadget gurus in school are the coolest people you’ll know. Just one look and they’ll tell you all the specifications of any tech-related device like they made it themselves. Yepzon is just the unique addition they should have in their collection. It’s first in the world feature of SOS button, GPS and Wi-Fi features makes it a must have for all these kids. Anyone can attach it to their most prized and expensive possession to make sure it never gets lost or stolen. What more? If they have it, they can flaunt in front of others this technological beauty to up their game. 

3. The ‘Men’:

School doesn’t feel right unless there’s rivalry among the boys that has no solution but physical abuse to prove their early manhood. All they need is a trivial reason to start pouncing upon each other. Sometimes things go out of hand and given the aggression of the hot, young heads, they are out for blood. It is best to follow the principle of ‘live today to fight tomorrow’. Yepzon can be difference between them and their injured self in a hospital bed. Yepzon Freedom has the SOS button to alert someone of their peril. The GPS sends exact location to the people you want to inform. To be honest, you care less about social standing when you’re getting beaten up while down on the floor.

4. The Barbie:

These school girls rule the hearts of all. Nothing in the world is out of their reach with just a pat of their eyelid or a hair flip. Not that any guy would let anyone get them in trouble ever, but there comes a time when they’re out alone. It should come as no surprise that a pretty girl is a stronger magnet of an attack. Does that mean they should stop going out? No! With just the press of a button they can send their accurate location and an alert to people who can save them from any emergency or danger. What makes this better? It’s sent in a matter of seconds so that they get the quickest relief from inappropriate situations. Plus, they like things just as pretty as them. Yepzon’s sleek and scandinavian look makes it better looking than any guy who can protect her.

5. Forever alone:

No, this is not about the people who don’t have love interests. These are the ‘loners’ who’d rather sit in the corner of the class by themselves. They rarely talk and most people barely know what their voice sounds like. They are most likely socially awkward or hesitant in expression. Being away from groups, it is difficult for them to approach people for help. Once again, Yepzon caters to all their needs as it does not require any social interaction to get help. If someone tries to take advantage of their vulnerability, Yepzon will always be there like the tough best friend of every introvert.

Travelling miles for a tuition or an evening drive with friends, not a reason in the world can ease the palpitation of a parent’s heart out of worry. Momtastic expressed the emotion of a parent with school going kids spot on with the words "While we can't be there in person to be sure our children are safe and well cared for, we can empower our children to be conscious of their safety and to express themselves in a way so that their needs are met" in '10 tips for keeping your kids safe in school'. With Yepzon, you can not only protect your little ones from trouble but also spare yourself from sleepless nights and stress lines. Every adult was a school kid once