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Friends With Benefits - No One Does It Better Than Yepzon

Friends With Benefits - No One Does It Better Than Yepzon

What if the characters of Game of Thrones had a tracking device? Jaime Lannister probably could have been located by the House Lannister when he was abducted by the Starks of Winterfell before he lost his hand. We love to speculate and create theories of our imagination but at the end of the day, it is nothing but fiction. We are living in the real world where the dark reality of violence against women and children can put these fictional characters to shame. If you don’t believe this, take any Indian newspaper in your hand any day. The newspapers and these crimes have created a bond stronger than the political leaders have with their respective parties. We all want to be famous enough to see our name featured in the newspapers. What if your best friend or any person you love gets that fame by getting into trouble? You are not too late to change that.

This is where Yepzon sweeps in with its 2 incredible devices-Yepzon Freedom and Yepzon One. This personal safety device is a revolutionary step towards empowering your loved ones to get them going on the road to success without safety issues. Just like your best friend, it keeps accurate track of your location. Here are the 5 reasons why you can swear by Yepzon as ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’:

  1. Day or night, Yepzon is by your side:

For someone who works in the field of customer service or technical support, late night shifts are not a surprise. In the aviation industry, timing of shifts can be as unusual as 3 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon. People take it up because they prefer travelling alone late at night to starving to death. You sit and worry whether they are safe or not. What make it worse are the scenarios from ‘Savdhaan India’ that pop into your head. You don’t have to worry about it now to the point of getting a heart attack. The Yepzon devices work 24×7 as a personal bodyguard. With Yepzon, geographical boundaries are just divisions of land, not safety. People even half a world away from you can track and be tracked by you with Yepzon device and App. Its durable and dependable battery which can work for about 3 months does not even need a break in between.

2. Why take the risk when you can be safe with a click?

We all have that one friend in our school or college who studies for examinations but also takes a chit of the answers just in case he forgets it. In reality, no way to protect yourself is cheating. In India, a black ‘tika’ or mark on the forehead is not the ultimate repellant of danger. Yepzon Freedom has a button that can be pressed in case of an emergency situation. With just one click of the button, you can alert your loved ones that you feel unsafe or distressed. The smartphones that the device has been paired with receives the accurate location of that person through the GPS locator of the device and the App.

3. Multiple choices extend beyond question papers:

Right from childhood we have been taught how to choose the best for ourselves. From watching our mothers haggling with the shopkeepers to get the right quality of an item to us picking out our clothes, we always need choices. The funny thing is that people are aware about their drink being ‘shaken’ and not ‘stirred’ but not enough about the safety of their loved ones. There is no way that Yepzon lets you down in term of choices. You have the liberty to choose from the 3 modes that Yepzon has to offer:

  1. SOS button to trigger an alarm and send an alert

  2. GPS locator to send accurate location

  3. Both SOS button and GPS locator to send alert and the exact location to the smartphones it is paired with and has the Yepzon App.

This is to make sure that you get the best possible protection and assistance. It specifically caters to your need. You can also choose between Yepzon Freedom that has the button and Yepzon One, the device without the button as per your requirement. The App works on iOS and Android Operating Systems.

4. ‘Key’ to all your problems:

Have you ever seen or heard of an attacker who attacks someone but gives them a head start by letting them call up or text people to come to their rescue? What would the attacker do meanwhile, power up for the forthcoming action? No! You haven’t heard it because it does not happen. The emergency situations do not give us the time to fish for our phones, take out the contacts and describe the situation in a conversation. Sometimes people don’t even know where they are let alone the exact location. Yepzon is the answer to your prayers as it sends alert and location in a matter of seconds. It can locate people and things whether they are inside your house or outside. Yepzon gives reminder as to when it is to be charged. It is versatile as it doubles up as a keychain. It becomes a device that unlocks not only the doors but also your well-being.

5. Looks and size matter:

No matter who says physical appearances don’t matter, always remember that no one falls in love at first sight with someone’s personality. Stretch your fingers and looks at your palm. The size of the Yepzon device in nothing bigger than that of your palm. In a world full of materialistic endeavors, a useful device with good appearance is always preferred and Yepzon has got it all. Its build can be summed up in 4S-sleek, simple, stylish, scandinavian. This powerful device can fit in and be attached almost everywhere easily.