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YEPZON FOR ELDERS- A Safer World For The Elderly!

Six in 10 people with dementia are likely to wander around. Although 94% are found within a mile, their safety is not always guaranteed.

Safety and security is always important, especially seniors suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s, who can no longer protect themselves from this fast-paced world. Besides getting confused, they will also get frustrated over things that they no longer remember.

Yepzon provides the best solution to protect elders from any harm- a family GPS tracker— Yepzon™ FREEDOM.

The SOS button brings a new kind of added safety into the life of seniors. If they fall, get lost, or are in other trouble, they can request for help with just a push of a button and the relatives will be informed with an alert message on their phone within seconds.

A Valuable Asset To Ageing Parents!