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Protect Your Children, Keep Them Safe With Yepzon


As a parent, your child’s safety is of utmost importance. Although this is a world of instant communication, sometimes a smartphone simply isn’t enough to insure the safety of your children.  
A teenager can choose to send your call straight to voicemail; a 7-year old may not even have a smartphone. Yepzon™ Freedom — (Yepzon Kid Tracker) — is your solution. Know they are safe even when you can’t be with them.
With Yepzon™ Freedom, you can better watch your kids, teens and be a support in their solo adventures. At the same time, the device gives your children increasing independence while preserving your peace of mind. Thus, satisfying both the purposes!

Welcome to a new safer world for every kid on the move!

Yepzon™ Freedom is small, light, shockproof, water-resistant and a wearable GPS tracker. It strikes the right balance between you and your children.

Using the device, you can track where your kids are, discover if they're not where they're supposed to be, keep in touch, and even get a SOS if something really bad happens.

You can choose three different modes: just the SOS button, GPS locator with the SOS button, or just the GPS locator.

Yepzon™ Freedom works worldwide everywhere where there is a GSM network. Thanks to its small size and handy attaching mechanism, it is easy to attach it anywhere.

A Valuable Asset For Any Parent

Your Children Safety Isn’t Expensive, It’s Priceless.