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Copy of Yepzon™ Freedom - Dec 2018

Copy of Yepzon™ Freedom - Dec 2018

Copy of Yepzon™ Freedom - Dec 2018


Yepzon Freedom is an easy to use GPS tracker meant for personal safety of the wearer. It is equipped with an SOS button that helps send real time alerts to friends and family during an emergency or unexpected event. It's sleek design allows it to attach to any clothing, bringing new freedom and piece of mind to your everyday life.

It is ideal for - Women | Child Safety  | Active Senior Citizens | Vehicle Owners | Adventurous adults   

Personal Safety Alarm with GPS Locator

  • Advanced tracking combining GPS, 3G and WiFi. 3G ensures great network coverage around the US.
  • Send SOS alarm in real time to all connected phones
  • Battery life controllable by settings -up to weeks!
  • Shock- and splash proof
  • Ready-to-use: Built-in SIM unit, free app, free first month of usage. Prices starting at $4.99/month*.

Its Key Features are:

SOS ALARM | Pressing the SOS button 3 times sends real time emergency alerts to the users friends and family during a crisis. This gives an added safety to users from school age kids to active seniors at all times.

ADVANCED TRACKING TECHNOLOGY | The GPS device combines 3 tracking functions - 3G, GPS and WiFi . 3G for wide location info, GPS for accurate tracking outdoors and Wi-Fi finds targets indoors.

SLEEK SCANDANAVIAN DESIGN | This GPS tracker has a sleek built and handy attaching mechanism, making it is easy to attach anywhere or double up as a key chain.

MULTI - PURPOSE DEVICE | As a car gps or bike gps it can used for tracking your vehicles It can also be used as a gps tracker for kids safety or as a gift replacing gps watch mobile for kids & adults.

UNBEATABLE BATTERY LIFE | Yepzon locator's battery can last several weeks to even months. Most of the time the locator is asleep and only activates itself when it senses movement. It comes with a personal setting where you can set how often the locator updates its location.

EVERYTHING BUILT IN  | With the free app, built in e-SIM and free first month of use, you can take the device into action straight from the package. We have made everything ready for you!

*12 month service plan. Device requires mobile network to transfer positioning data worldwide. Monthly charge covering usage in EU, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, USA, China and Russia (coming spring 2018). Other countries require separate roaming purchase.

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